Mediavine has been an Internet Publisher since 2004, owning and operating The Hollywood Gossip, TV Fanatic, Movie Fanatic and Food Fanatic. In 2013, when Food Fanatic was launched and the relationship with bloggers began, MediaVine discovered they weren’t alone in their frustrations with the way most ad networks worked.

MediaVine discovered that ad networks acted as if they were the only ones bringing value to the table. They were telling bloggers what they should be paid and how they should run their sites. Bloggers were supposed to feel lucky to give them access to run their ads all over our sites.

When MediaVine began taking over their own advertisement sales, they realized something revolutionary — it’s the publishers that have the value.

Bloggers create the content. Bloggers build the brand. Bloggers attract the audiences the advertisers want. If bloggers are allowing them to run advertisements on their sites, then they should be setting the rules.

In short, MediaVine is changing the story about how bloggers get paid.

Learn more about the MediaVine story at Chopped Conference.


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