I’m Jack Thompkins

Personal Life Coach & Nutritionist

Customized Professional Nutrition and Exercise Advice

First consultation

During the first consultation, you will be mapped out with regard to your question or medical problem. You can expect questions about your health, medical data, eating and living habits and your expectations and wishes

Group Information / Courses

I provide information meetings and workshops for companies, associations, daycare centres, schools and other organizations. This is possible on the basis of a specific theme for a targeted target group, but also from a broad perspective on nutrition, lifestyle and health.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU.


A counselling process is a process of awareness. The client is confronted with what is wrong with his own patterns, insofar as he does not yet have that insight, in order to be able to make changes from there.


People who want to lose weight in a good and responsible way, or rather: want to improve their body composition, have to exercise regularly, or even better: exercise. We can advise in this area and know how to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Stress Management

Traditionally, the body has not been built to be constantly in a state of stress, as is often the case today, especially in our hectic Western world. Always having to rush, an abundance of information and incentives, the feeling of having to meet all kinds of expectations and social status are all factors that influence stress.

To move

Regular exercise is inextricably linked to a healthy lifestyle.
The changes it brings to your body are drastic:

  • Your heart becomes stronger and lung function improves;
  • Muscle strength and coordination are improved;
  • The blood pressure decreases;
  • Your immune system improves;
  • It improves mental mood and emotional resilience;

And really: much, much more …

Personal Training for Individuals

This basis is pure high-quality food and super foods, a well-functioning and energetic body and mental peace. chopped Con  personal training you develop this by:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Teaching the right attitude
  • chopped Con’s own core training for faster results
  • The elimination of muscle imbalance,
  • Correct movement pattern and technique
  • Move all muscles simultaneously in all directions
Intake and physical assessment

The intake interview looks at:

  • Medical background
  • Various physical measurements and tests
  • Lifestyle and stress management, possibly learning short easy to apply meditation exercises
  • Nutrition advice
  • Posture and Movement assessment, how is the posture, which muscles are shortened, which is weakened.

If necessary, it may also be advisable to be referred to a specialist via the doctor.

Basic content of the lessons
  • Fexibility, various stretch techniques
  • Warm-up (functional), prepare the body for training
  • Core training
    The core is the center of gravity where all movements begin. An efficient functioning of the core is not only the basis but also necessary to maintain the right muscle balance throughout the entire movement chain. The core muscles ((lower back, pelvis, hip; in my training, the muscle that lowers the shoulders, among other things, also plays a major role in the core)
Basic content of the lessons
  • Balance training Balance training
    improves dynamic stability in the joints and makes you aware of the limits of your stability.
  • Reactive training
    To improve the performance of functional activities it is important that the muscles can generate as much strength as possible in the shortest possible time. This can only be trained if the basis of the core is strong enough.

About Me

Hello everyone! I am Jack Thompkins, a dietician in Chicago and surroundings. In 2011 I graduated as a dietitian at the Chicago University in the course ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’. I then gained work experiences in various organizations, such as a hospital, a self-employed dietician’s practice and in a nursing and care home. After this, I had the pleasure of setting up Dietary Practice Nutrition in 2013 with great pleasure.

I find my challenge mainly in awareness of healthy food and together setting achievable goals that fit a healthy lifestyle or medical condition. Only then will it be possible to permanently change the diet and lifestyle.

I think it is important to collaborate with other disciplines, such as general practitioners, practice assistants, internists and physiotherapists. In this way we keep the lines short to offer the care that is needed and to support each other with optimal treatment. That is why my practice is consciously located in a health center with a doctor and pharmacy in the same building.

To broaden, deepen and keep my knowledge about nutrition and health up-to-date, I regularly follow refresher courses and courses. All for the better of even better guidance. For example, I specialize in treating children and patients with various medical conditions, such as diabetes (diabetes mellitus), overweight/obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and malnutrition. This way you will always receive customized nutritional advice! For the treatment of more medical conditions.

Online Health Resources

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Individual guidance is possible at the two different locations. If you are unable to come to the practice due to medical reasons, you can request a home visit upon referral from your doctor. I will then come to your home for the consultation. In addition to personal guidance, I also provide information, workshops and tailor-made courses!

Dietitian Practice Nutrition is customized always offers you personal advice focused on you and your wishes and lifestyle. Finally, everyone has their own eating habits, preferences and taste experience.

You receive customized nutritional advice at:

  • Diabetes (diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes)
  • Overweight/obese
  • Unwanted weight loss/underweight
  • Nutritional advice for children
  • Stomach / intestinal complaints (FODMAP diet)
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Raised blood pressure
  • COPD
  • Healthy nutrition during pregnancy (or pregnancy desire)
  • Nutrition around sports

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