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Four years ago, Chopped Conference was created as a simple blog bya group of housewives who share the same interest in cooking. They found it a good idea to create new dishes so that they will not get used to the usual. Also, they want such recipes to be shared information for the benefit of everyone as well. As wives and mothers, we all do love to cook for our husbands and children and we want to make them happy even with just the meals we serve on our table. It is a great thing to cook for them and just pour our love while preparing these dishes. That is basically the reason why we created this site.

At first, this website was only to post our own thoughts about cooking and also to share our very own recipes with other people until more and more people decided to share their own thoughts and ideas on the comment section. Even if they cannot do that, they will send it to us through email. We took this as an opportunity for us to open our website and create a forum in order to let everyone share their own experiences in cooking–and also their own recipes. For years, this has become a place for people who love cooking and those who also want to learn how to cook for the first time.

For us, it was a marvelous accomplishment to do this and to let people join us as time passes by. We are happy to let these food-lovers be a part of the Chopped Conference Community. It is amazing to see them all share their own thoughts and creations here as well as their experience and love for cooking. We only want to improve our website more and more. Other than that, we want to create a better page for everyone to see and participate in. After all, it’s good to share your interests with people who have the same passion as you.