Jack Thompkins

Personal Life Coach & Nutritionist

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Hi, I’m Jack Thompkins! Your Personal Life Coach and Nutritionist.

My Story

Hello everyone! I am Jack Thompkins, a dietician in Chicago and surroundings. In 2011 I graduated as a dietitian at the Chicago University in the course ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’. I then gained work experiences in various organizations, such as a hospital, a self-employed dietician’s practice and in a nursing and care home. After this, I had the pleasure of setting up Dietary Practice Nutrition in 2013 with great pleasure.

I find my challenge mainly in awareness of healthy food and together setting achievable goals that fit a healthy lifestyle or medical condition. Only then will it be possible to permanently change the diet and lifestyle.

My Values & Beliefs

My Experience

I think it is important to collaborate with other disciplines, such as general practitioners, practice assistants, internists and physiotherapists. In this way we keep the lines short to offer the care that is needed and to support each other with optimal treatment. That is why my practice is consciously located in a health center with a doctor and pharmacy in the same building.


To broaden, deepen and keep my knowledge about nutrition and health up-to-date, I regularly follow refresher courses and courses. All for the better of even better guidance. For example, I specialize in treating children and patients with various medical conditions, such as diabetes (diabetes mellitus), overweight/obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and malnutrition. This way you will always receive customized nutritional advice! For the treatment of more medical conditions.

My Approach

During the first consultation, you will be mapped out with regard to your question or medical problem. You can expect questions about your health, medical data, eating and living habits and your expectations and wishes

I provide information meetings and workshops for companies, associations, daycare centres, schools and other organizations. This is possible on the basis of a specific theme for a targeted target group, but also from a broad perspective on nutrition, lifestyle and health.

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