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Q: Hello, I always wanted to post on your forum but I wonder if I need to do something before posting. Do you require an account before posting on the forum?

A: Hi! Thank you so much for sending your question to us and your interest in our site. Yes, we do require people to have their own account when they want to post something on the forum. This is to let people know who is who and who post what. We wanted to give credentials to those who share their own recipes and having an account is one way to do that.

Q: May I delete my post? If yes, how?

A: Hello, thank you so much for sending your question to us. Yes, you can delete your own post if you want. Just go to that post or message, click the three dots on the upper right side of the post and select the option you want. You can delete or edit it that way as well.

Q: How do I know if you will have another conference soon?

A: Hi, thank you for sending your message to us. If you want to know when we will have a conference, please visit the website daily but if you have no time to do that regularly, you can create your own account and through that, we could send you notifications through email.

Q: Where do you usually hold your conferences and what do you do in it? Can you include that on your update and post about your future conferences?

A: Hello! Thank you so much for your question. We do have conferences in different places but we usually focus on places in Tampa. The conferences are for a bunch of food bloggers or foods enthusiasts who gather in the same place to tackle about a lot of things concerning food and cooking. Yes, we do include the information about the conferences whenever we update about it such as the date, time, place, and the agenda.