Ana L.

It was great to see another recipe from this site! I tried the last one that Jenny posted which featured the creator and the original maker or the recipe, Bianca. At first glance at the photo, I could already see how interesting the food was and so I was tempted to try it. When I did cook it last night, I was so thrilled and happy. It really tastes good even though I know it wasn’t perfect since it was just a recreation. I bet the original dish tastes even better than mine and I am so happy I got to try new recipes like that. I love it so much.

Bianca P.

Thank you, Ana! I’m so glad you tried and you love my recipe. It was actually inspired by different kinds of dishes so I was scared people wouldn’t like it. However, Jenny posted it on their blog post and I was so thankful and thrilled about it. This is such a wonderful opportunity and I am so happy that many people loved it as well. Thank you again for recreating it!

Kyla F.

Omg, I tried Bianca’s dish yesterday too! I know she’s been creating awesome dishes since I first saw her recipes in the past but she doesn’t really gain so much support back then. However, I was surprised that her recent recipe blew up and it got featured on the blog post! Since I created it as well, I know it was already a great dish and I could really taste the uniqueness on the recipe.

Bianca P.

Thank you, Kyla! I really appreciate your support since the very first time I posted my recipe here. I’m glad you tried the dish too and I hope you liked it as much as I liked creating it as well.