In times of holidays in which we all eat more and exercise less, many people plan to lose weight and / or exercise more at a given moment. In addition, smoking cessation is an often heard intention. Certainly around the turn of the year.

However, it is also a well-known fact that most people do not last long. Nevertheless, the gyms are always very busy in the first months of the new year.

When I arrive, I feel bad

What shall I do? I plan to lose weight approximately every month or more. In recent decades I have lost dozens of kilos, and have gained even more weight. Two years ago, I lost 10 pounds. That’s great, I feel much better then. Not only physically, because every kilo less is still included, but also mentally. It feels like a win. In the times that I don’t waste, or when I arrive, I feel bad, even a loser. I regularly speak very negatively to myself in those periods, it doesn’t get any better.

Occasionally I run a bit

Moving more is less difficult. I enjoy walking, I love running, cycling and since recently I practice yoga. Unfortunately, running is hampered by a persistent injury. Occasionally I run a bit, but walking is better at the moment. It is wonderful to be outside, I think that is another big advantage of these ways of moving.

A gastric band? I do not dare

But losing weight is mainly a question of nutrition, and that remains difficult. I know very well what healthy food is and what I should and should not eat. Losing weight also works, but it is always temporary. How is that possible? Why can’t I make that healthy lifestyle into my ‘normal’ lifestyle? Do I still need a gastric band or a stomach reduction? But I don’t dare. I have two children, imagine something goes wrong. There are risks associated with every operation.

I have to keep trying

That’s how I worry. I want to enjoy life, but that also means being healthy. And looking good, that also remains an important aspect. Although there are more and more overweight people, and there are also more and more nice clothes for full women, I still find myself looking better when I’m less fat. I’m also afraid that if I don’t keep trying, I’ll one day be as fat as those terribly fat people you see on television. They are often so overweight that they cannot function normally anymore. That seems terrible to me.

Good intentions. What am I going to do ..