Semolina porridge, we know it from the past and we hear it more and more often. But is semolina healthy? And you can indeed lose weight with it, as is sometimes said. What is semolina anyway and what is the difference between semolina porridge and semolina pudding? We explain it to you!

What is semolina anyway?

Semolina is a type of grain that is coarsely ground. Groats is the part that remains after sieving. Wheat is sifted after grinding and then you have three things left: bran, graze and flour. The grits are actually the core of the wheat grain and very nutrient-rich. It is sold in various types of coarse. Fine wheat groats are known for making pasta. If it concerns coarser wheat groats, this is often used as a binder. However, you can also cook semolina porridge or semolina pudding from it. The cereal is sprinkled directly in the boiling milk.

Is semolina porridge healthy?

Is semolina healthy? If we want to answer this question, we should actually know what kind of semolina porridge you choose. A package from the store is different from homemade porridge. Semolina porridge basically contains grain and milk and is therefore packed with nutrients. You can think of carbohydrates, B vitamins, proteins, potassium and calcium. Ready-made semolina often contains thickeners. They are not as healthy as we would like, but otherwise there is little to complain about the ingredients. The nutritional value is around 90 to 95 calories per 100 g. If you want to do it really healthy, you will have to make the semolina porridge yourself.

Make semolina porridge yourself

You can easily make semolina porridge or semolina pudding yourself. There is certainly a good recipe on the internet. If you choose semolina and skimmed milk as the basis, then the nutritional value is considerably less. You can then count on around 50 to 60 calories per 100 g. Of course you can add what you want to add flavor to the porridge or to add more protein. If you cannot stand milk, you can use a milk substitute.

Lose weight with semolina porridge

Can you lose weight with semolina porridge? Yes, when you make the porridge yourself, as mentioned, there are only 50 to 60 calories in 100 g porridge. A plate of semolina porridge usually contains around 250 g of porridge. That means that you get around 125 calories. Not much for a nutritious meal like semolina porridge!

Semolina porridge or semolina pudding

The difference between semolina porridge and semolina pudding is actually not that complicated. Semolina porridge is liquid, while semolina pudding is much thicker. You can even let it solidify in such a way that it becomes a ‘drill pudding’ that you tilt out of shape by turning it upside down. Making semolina porridge or semolina pudding does not take much time and you are often ready in 10 minutes. Do not hesitate any longer and get the ingredients in your house. A recipe from grandmother’s time that is nutritious and healthy!