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Have you been thinking about the perfect dish to make for the next day? Or perhaps, are you planning to create your own recipe? Whatever your problem or thoughts are about cooking, make sure to visit us anytime because the Chopped Conference is open for you.

Stop worrying about your next meal while you are still cleaning your garage door in Tampa. With us, the Chopped conference, you can make sure that you have an idea for your next meal once you come and visit us. Why? It is because the Chopped Con will give you a lot of ideas and suggestions for recipes and dishes that you can create on your own. Yes, Chopped Con will give you so many dishes to try that will fit whatever occasions you are having. We even do have blog posts here on this website that talks about different foods and meals you can try. In short, we all can discuss everything about food on this website just like in a conference.

You all can share any question or posts on our forum and everyone can comment about it too. If you have a nice and newly-made recipe, you can share it with other people who visit this site. You’ll never know, they may also be interested in your recipe and even try to recreate it. That is the purpose of this website – for us to be able to discover sumptuous dishes that will work for us. It’s always nice to share your own ideas and so, we let everyone post in our forum. Other than that, Chopped Con may even feature your own recipe in our blog post if your post on the forum gained so many likes and comments. Not everyone can see posts on the forum so if many people loved your post, why not share it to others more? We encourage you to tell us your ideas and be a part of the Chopped Con Community.

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If you want your recipe to be featured even though it wasn’t posted on the forum, submit us a message regarding this matter with your full recipe on it and a reason why you love cooking and Chopped Conference. Yes! Your own recipe can be featured on our blog with your credentials on it even if you don’t post on the forum often. Send us a good picture of your meal with the required inclusions in order to have a chance of being featured in our blog. You wouldn’t want to miss your chance of creating your own recipe and sharing it to many people, would you? That is why we want you to take part in our activities like this and make sure you have fun cooking.

Other than fun recipes, you may also post your questions to the forum so people can give you the best answers when it comes to cooking matters. Here at Chopped Conference, we let you speak your mind about recipes and foods so feel free to have fun while you are here with us. Enjoy every single food you create. And do not forget that we also do conferences in real life as well–so do not miss our updates!